HP 10bII+ Plus Financial Calculator

HP 10bII+


The HP 10bII+ Plus Financial calculator: is Hewlett Packard’s revised entry-level financial calculator. It has an advanced version of the earlier HP 10bII, in functions and features.

The clear display of the calculator has the capacity to show 12 digits of numbers.

This is best used in large scale companies as it has increased level of calculating options built in it. It has HP’s rotate-and-click keys that can provide fast access to common financial and statistical functions.

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The number of functions present in a calculator makes it unique. HP 10bII+ Plus Financial Calculator has 170 built-in functions. These functions make it easy to access without the use of menus.

Different functions include:

Mathematical Functions like:

  • Square foot
  • Trigonometric/inverses
  • Hyperbolics/inverses

Financial Functions:

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