Almost everyone in this 21st century loves to listen to kinds of music.

Music is all about rock, pop, instrumental and another form of musical forms which is produced from various musical instruments.

One such musical instrument used for producing melodious songs are acoustic guitars.

If you have planned or decided to learn playing guitar, then congratulations on the journey of the musical world.

One needs to know that there are different types of guitars which will change your life for good.

There are many types of guitars, such as classical, acoustics and musical, A musician or any other person first needs to realize which type of instrument to use first.

Most of the beginners who want to learn to play guitar start their journey with acoustic guitars.

This is mainly because acoustic guitars are less harsh on the fingers and even suggested by artists and musicians for easy pick and play option.

Unlike electric guitars, you don’t need an amplifier to hear the sound produced.

These guitars are easily available for cheap prices. A good acoustic guitar may cost you around $250.

Features of Acoustic guitars –

Strings –

This is the main factor one should look before buying a guitar.

The strings of Acoustic guitars are generally made up of steel strings, therefore, they are not harsh on the fingers, unlike classical guitars which use nylon strings.

These acoustic guitars are often called steel acoustic guitars.

The steel strings of acoustic guitars use nickel and bronze as they are more sonorous than other elements and thus producing a quality sound.

Some guitar brands produce acoustic guitars with nylon strings too.

Shape –

The shape of Acoustic guitars comes mostly in dreadnought shape and bigger than classical guitar.

The dreadnought shape of the guitar is responsible for the quality amount of sound produces.

These guitars are available in different sizes and designs with the versatile hollow body.

Commo0n body shapes of acoustic guitars are – Range, parlor, Grand concert, auditorium, dreadnought, and jumbo.

Out of these shapes, the dreadnought is the most common shape of the guitar.

In the era of ’90s, classical guitars were quite famous but with the advent of technology in the music industry acoustic guitars came into existence and became popular in the 21st century.

Sound –

Generally, types of strings and shape of the guitar play an important role in producing sound.

With the help of steel strings, one can experience twangy and a bright sound which usually resonates for a longer period of time.

The strings of this type of guitar are tuned in order from low to high that is E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, and E4.

This guitar can be easily played by a pick and can be easily plucked by fingers.

Acoustic guitars can be easily amplified through microphones and pickups. The best pickups for this type of guitar is a magnetic and piezo pickup.

This type of guitar is very handy and dynamic.

If you are planning to buy your first guitar, then acoustic guitar can be the best option as it may easily fit in your budget.

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