GooseVPN Review

GooseVPN Review
GooseVPN Review

The Golden Benefits

GooseVPN is the favorite of over 83,000 multi-platform users. The foremost reason being that GooseVPN is absolutely easy to use. 

It is a gold medalist in this department. Installing and running GooseVPN is done in two simple steps. 

Create an account and download the VPN client from the GooseVPN website. Next, run the file, and you’re good to go. 

The client interface is automatically set up, which is a blessing for absolute novice users, and for those who’d like to make their own settings, it is intuitive and easy to configure. 

The settings and features are organized compactly and easy to locate, making navigation a super-simple task. You can choose specific protocols from its standard package. You also are free to opt for servers of your choice. 

GooseVPN is a reliable VPN. Your identity and IP address remains safe and anonymous. It does not store any logs and has superb encryption. It also can unblock Netflix and other restricted content. You can enjoy streaming videos since it has servers specially tailored for this purpose.

Another golden point is the amazing customer support. They competently handle inquiries almost immediately after being contacted via ticket and email. They are patient and assist you with any issues exhaustively viz. 

They can help novice users as well as experienced ones with clear and detailed instructions. GooseVPN offers three different plans viz. a monthly plan with limited data, a monthly plan with unlimited data, and a yearly plan with unlimited data, with larger duration plans offering greater savings. 

There’s a free trial offering 500MB data usage with each of the plans that allow you to get an idea of the service before you dive in. You also have a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied. To save huge amount get this on goosevpn black friday sale 2020. They usualy offer huge discount.

You have the option of paying with standard credit cards viz. VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, or PayPal, Giro, and iDeal. If you experience prolonged technical issues, you can get in touch with customer support for a refund or cancellation.

The Catch

GooseVPN has a limited number of servers viz. 62 at present, but it does cover 29 countries. It also doesn’t have SSTP on its list of protocols. It sometimes experiences connection drops with desktop connections, but that doesn’t seem to hinder mobile speeds. A minor issue for some users could be the orange color on the client interface. Sensitive eyes may find it straining. A major issue, though, is that GooseVPN does not have a kill switch. This could be a big put off for some since the foremost reason users choose VPN is the privacy, and the lack of a kill switch could expose their IP addresses in the event of a connection drop. But GooseVPN is working on a solution for it.

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