How Does an Air Hammer Work?

Gone are the days when work used to involve a lot of hard labor, and everything was done manually.

Today because of technological improvements, the effort involved has reduced considerably.

Take the case of the Hammer. The use of the hammer needed a lot of strength plus energy and was very tiring.

Help came in the form of Air hammer.

What is an air hammer?

This hammer works with the help of air. It is a pneumatic tool that reduces a lot of strength by the user and instead takes the help of compressed air.

Today, there are a lot of variations in the simple hand tool. Many of them resemble the shape of a gun, and the nozzle is multi-purpose.

This means that the air hammer is not just for breaking or hammering nails or flattening.

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It can accept various tools and can be used as an air chisel to carve and so on.

How does an air hammer work?

Explained, as the name suggests, help comes in the form of compressed air.

This compressed air is so pumped that it moves the piston up and down. This, in turn, mimics the movement of a hammer without involving a lot of strength by the user.

The pressurized air helps the hammerhead to go rapidly back and forth. This back and forth action are so fast in an air hammer that the action takes place several thousand times within a few minutes.

This helps in speeding up the work and thereby saving time and energy.

To describe the intricacies of the air hammer, the handheld hammers come with air compressor or tanks.

These tanks are connected to the handheld air hammer by mean of Tubes.

For simple work such as shaping and smoothing on soft metals, light pressure is used.

For work involving heavy shaping such as stainless steel and so on, heavy pressure is applied.

The main parts in the air hammer are the piston and the drill bits. The piston moves up and down with the help of the compressed air.

The speed of the piston depends upon the compressed air. When the piston hits the drill, this, in turn, pushes the drill into the surface.

It’s like the piston and drill move opposite to each other. When the piston goes up, the drill bit goes down and vice versa.

Today there are many companies which offer the best range in air hammers.

Each one is designed and redesigned to suit the unique needs of the workman.

For instance, there is the Ingersoll Rand, The Kobalt, and Chicago Pneumatic, and so on.

Based on the individual specifications, the user can choose the one best suited for his requirements.

Some of the things to consider are the size, blows per minute, air consumption, attachments, and so on.

These are sturdy, strong, and will last a lifetime.

As an end note, for those who feel a bit creative can even build an air hammer.

The steps and details are very clearly mentioned on the internet.

However, the utmost safety and care need to be exercised while using air hammers.

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